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I have to say thank you again for bringing this little girl into our lives. She is absolutely precious! The moment we eliminated all the possible dangerous hiding spots, she had very little places to jam herself into. And we collectively decided we didn't want her to spend her first day here scared. So we picked her up, held her, gave her millions of kisses, talked to her and finally she closed her eyes and stretched out onto our bed and let us love her.

By the end of the evening, she was napping with me on the couch. She tussled and hugged her Lamb Chop and started purring up a STORM! And this was only the first day!

Then she woke us up at 6:00 this morning. Meowing because I suppose she didn't know where she was? But she came up on the bed and cuddled with us for an hour. She loves to hide under the covers. And yes, she attacks our toes and love bites our hands haha. So I spent the morning cuddling with her under "her" blanket (my mom bought this very warm, furry white blanket that is only to be her blanket). She's currently sleeping on my lap. Steve's off helping his buddy buy a car today down in Downingtown, so it's just me and her until 5:00.

So far she doesn't eat the Iams brand of dry food, but DEFINITELY the dry Avilas. So I will try my flip flopping of brands to see which one she'll end up with...If she didn't eat the dry Iams, I'm sure my mom will take the bag off my hands.

She loves their wet food. And she's drinking a bit more water this afternoon. She's a quiet eater, so no silly kitty eating videos for us I guess (ie:

), although she does stop eating to meow to say hi. Haha!

When she gets nervous, I'll rub two fingers down her back and say "it's okay", and she'll start to purr loudly.

I honestly couldn't have asked for more in a kitty. And all this in twenty-four hours. Wow.

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